The WeatherHyde is a Fully Insulated Shelter Built for All Seasons

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: & fastcoexist
A company called billionBricks recently designed a fully insulated shelter that can be used to make living on the street more comfortable for families. In countries such as India where many people forego homeless shelters in favor of the streets, these portable tents can help to protect against the elements.

The fully insulated homeless shelter created by billionBricks is called the 'WeatherHyde and it can be fully assembled in less than 10 minutes. What makes the shelter different from an ordinary tent is that is held together by velcro instead of being anchored to the ground. This tent is also reversible, meaning it can be adapted to different temperatures. In the winter the tent's reflective skin helps to trap body heat and in the summer the tent can be turned inside out to reflect the sun.

With enough room inside for a family of five, the reversible shelters can help to make life a bit more comfortable for families living on the street.