Fuchsia Macaree Transforms Wordplay into Consumer Goods

 - Jun 20, 2011
References: cargocollective & notcot.org
One of the most clever and funniest product packaging I've seen comes from Fuchsia Macaree.

The whole idea behind Fuchsia Macaree's little project is to transform wordplay into products; therefore what you see before you get isn't actually real. The mock company entitled Wingfield Brothers Inc. has taken phrases like "seal of approval" or "train of thought" and transformed them goods that are a literal representation of words involved. Puns in general are humorous and quirky, but with this project, puns have been given even more of a whimsical element that everyone can enjoy.

Fuchsia Macaree's work is creative and has an interesting concept that's been well-executed. Having seen this, I wonder what other wordplay can be reinterpreted. Perhaps you will be inspired to come up with one.