This Collection of Glass Sculptures Let Fruit Float in Mid Air

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: fabricafeatures & design-milk
Italy-based research studio Fabrica created these unique fruit-containing glass sculptures. The intimate glass objects delicately contain pieces of fruit that look as though they are floating in mid air.

The current collection consists of ten uniquely crafted pieces of glass. Each divinely sculpted structure is specific to the fruit that it will hold. For example, there is one sculpture that is made of long tubular pipes, which are slightly bent at the end. At the tip of each pipe there is a small strawberry perched in perfect balance.

The idea for these glass objects is to present a piece of fruit in an artistic and creative way. The designer allows the fruit to be the center focus while simultaneously drawing attention to the vessel itself. These delicate fruit-containing glass sculptures were unveiled at the Maison et Objets earlier this month.