This Fruit of the Loom Underwear Campaign Hides in Plain Sight

 - Jul 4, 2018
References: prexamples
To promote its new Everlight underwear collection and play up the fact that its newest products are exceptionally light and unnoticeable, a dynamic Fruit of the Loom campaign was set up in New York—but only those with the keenest of eyes saw it.

The campaign was set up in the style of a social experiment, with posters placed on the streets of the busy city. From afar, the posters seemed like nothing to look at, but those who paid close attention had the chance to be richly rewarded—as the posters spelled out how individuals could get their hands on up to $1,851, as well as the new Fruit of the Loom Everlight underwear.

The message of the Fruit of the Loom campaign supports other ads from the brand, such as 'Professional Noticers,' which describes that "even people who notice everything still won’t notice incredibly light EverLight underwear."