'Fruit Ninja Tabletop' is an Adaptation of the Popular Mobile Game

 - Oct 20, 2017
References: luckyduckgames & kickstarter
'Fruit Ninja Tabletop' is a board game adaptation of the popular mobile game, which was downloaded over 1.5 billion times.

Much like the original, this game is fast-paced and entertaining, challenging players to strategize and think of their feet. The card-matching game takes place in real-time, with the help of an app-enabled timer, which sits at the center of the table. Players must match a card from their own deck, to one of the cards on the table, in order to "slice the fruit." Many of the players will have cards which feature the same images, requiring individuals to "slice" before an opponent. The objective of the game is to acquire more cards than the opponents, before the timer runs out.

This collaborative adaptation aims to incorporate the same core values of accessibility and entertainment that the original game presented, while encouraging sociability and bonding.