The Ice Co's 'Ice & Slice' are Conveniently Pre-Prepared Fruit Ice Cubes

It's fairly common to see chilled drinks embellished with citrus ingredients, but these fruit ice cubes from The Ice Co simplify the process of adding flavor to a drink.

The 'Ice & Slice' cubes are three times the normal size of standard ice cubes, which means that they are able to hold more zesty flavor, while also cooling drinks quickly. The size of these cubes also means that they're extremely slow-melting, which prevents drinks from becoming diluted with water. By combining limes and frozen ice cubes, The Ice Co maintains that this is an easy way to ensure there's always lime available, without having to cut or waste any of it.

The Ice Co also specializes in producing a range of inventive ice products, including oversized ice cubes and frozen alcoholic drinks.