This Eminem & Rihanna Parody Boasts Being Frugal

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: youtube
Being Frugal is the new trend! Everybody's doing it, even millionaires and celebrities like Eminem and Rihanna.

Are you frugal? If you try to save money by grabbing the free ketchup packs at restaurants, you're frugal. If you eat way to much at the buffet because you want to get enough food to last the day, you're frugal. If you keep the temperature in your house below 65 to save money, you're frugal. If you look through the lost & found because you need a new pair of gloves, you're frugal.

Learn how to be frugal via this funny parody of Eminem & Rihanna's newest song, The Monster, made by YouTube team Chad Wild Clay and Vy. It just might save you some money.