YouTuber Bobby Burns Turns the Frozen Movie into a Horror Film

 - May 12, 2014
References: youtube & vulture
The animated Frozen movie has quickly become a Disney classic all over the world and spawned on several fan adaptations and tributes. YouTuber Bobby Burns recently created the 'If Frozen Was a Horror Movie' YouTube video clip that turns the cult children's film into a spooky horror film.

The 'If Frozen Was a Horror Movie' YouTube clip is a clever fan tribute to the Frozen movie. Burns takes many of the iconic Frozen movie clips and changes the colors, music and context to make the Frozen film seem like it's a horror film rather than an animated kid's movie. The colors featured in this YouTube clip are darker with more blacks and grays, the music has an eerie tone to it and the infamous "Do you want to build a snowman" line is spoken as if it's a horrifying threat.