The Scaly Freitag Hind Shopper Recycles Old Truck Tarps

 - Feb 8, 2011   Updated: Jul 4 2011
The Freitag Hind shopper is part of a line of bags inspired by contemporary journalists. The hand-texted bag was named after Canadian women's lib writer Ella Cora Hind. The Swiss manufacturer's newest line is cut from vintage truck tarpaulins patterned to resemble snakeskin. The textured scale exterior channels a sleek and classic feel. The Freitag Hind shopper is one of 22 styles available in the Reference collection.

Implications - In today's eco-conscious society, consumers often find themselves sacrificing their personal style in order to maintain a green lifestyle. Businesses that provide consumers with products that are both stylish and environmentally friendly will benefit tremendously.