The Freightliner SuperTruck is An Efficient Truck of the Future

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: freightlinersupertruck & gizmag
The Freightliner SuperTruck is a one-of-a-kind truck that is an impressive 115% times more efficient than predecessors. The truck was created as the result of a collaboration between Daimler-owned companies Freightliner, Detroit Engines, Mercedes-Benz and Fuso.

A lot of the increased efficiency is downed to improved aerodynamics achieved partly through a more streamlined tractor that includes adjustable ride height, articulate side extenders and ventilation grille slats that close up when the vehicle is traveling at highway speeds.

The truck is also characterized by a liberal and widespread use of very lightweight materials as well as low friction design. These features include a tractor frame design with fewer crossmembers, a lighter rear suspension and custom Michel tires made from a rubber compound.

The Freightliner SuperTruck will be a boon for the long-hail cargo transport industry as it will enable the delivery of greater