This Start-Up Leverages Brand Ambassadors to Provide Free Samples Online

Sampler is a social app that gives away free samples online in a way that's much more targeted and effective than traditional methods of giving away teasers of a product.

Everyone has been approached at an event or on a street corner by a spokesperson in a brightly colored t-shirt, offering the latest flavor of soft drink or a coupon for an innovative service. But this conventional method of distributing samples can be largely ineffective. There's no way for brands to ensure that its samples are reaching the target audience, or to have any idea of how the new product is being received.

Sampler wants to change that. Sampler integrates right into a brand's Facebook page and allows fans of the page to send free samples online to their Facebook friends. The targeted friend will receive an invitation to try a free sample, and they will have to convert back to the brand's Facebook page in order to claim it. Sampler also collects feedback on the product from the sample recipient.

It's an ingenious new marketing idea -- who doesn't love a free sample?