Joost (UPDATE)

 - Oct 16, 2007
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Joost has officially been launched!

The service provides legal TV quality shows for free over the internet, and over two million users have downloaded the Joost application since the beginning of the month.

Mainstream TV companies have had some looming concerns over what this could do to traditional businesses involved with TV media. The new service gives viewers control -- they can watch what they want, when they want, and won't have to adhere to a TV guide schedule.

"The TV and digital media industries are right to be concerned," AFP said, "As no one really knows how the current explosion of new ways to watch and interact with television will evolve."

Joost may be the first, but it's not the only company that sees potential in free web broadcasting. Italian company Babelgum will offer a similar service for free, which is also legal. AOL, MSN and Yahoo are all looking for a piece of the action too, dreaming up their own TV shows.

"The Internet will start off showing traditional entertainment but eventually users and content creators will use the capabilities of the Internet to create some amazing entertainment," said Joost's Mike Volpi.

The internet is constantly changing the way we do things in our society. All it takes is one disruptor, and an entire facet of our daily lives can be changed forever. It's a constant evolution that offers limitless possibility.

The video featured is a little old, but it still gives a decent background.

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