Franco Clun Creates High Resolution Sketches Using Simple Tools

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: francoclun.deviantart & enpundit
In an age where computer technology reigns supreme, Franco Clun creates renderings of familiar faces using only a pencil and paper. The hyper-realistic sketches are intricate and ornate with a high attention to detail that gives each creation enough clarity to make it mistakable for a black and white photograph.

Usually, there is some sort of graphic design program that is used in addition to standard tools to make such striking imagery. However, Clun's complete lack of help from anything digital proves that true artistic talent doesn't require any additional tools.

There are a plethora of images to gaze at in astonishment from animals to celebrities, but what will nevertheless fail to catch your eye is the fact that the finely detailed photographs aren't photographs at all, but rather the fruits of a determined artist's labor.