The FOXCrime Photographs Case Campaign Presents Pixelated Problems

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: ogilvy & adsoftheworld
Much of the appeal of watching crime shows on TV is being able to act as an investigator yourself, eagerly awaiting the end of the episode to find out if your chosen suspect is the culprit. This FOXCrime Photographs Case campaign dangles curious homicidal scene traces in transparent ziploc bags with the intention of exciting the inner detective of television watchers.

These prints by Ogilvy & Mather of Mumbai, India, invited the public to take part in an online contest solving crimes. Visual evidence was presented to them and the winners would be the ones to discover the true felonious narrative. The FOXCrime Photographs Case campaign plays on the fragmented clues and the nature of camera-captured proof, providing a pixelated high heel, a low-resolution cellphone and a wineglass as tips.