Formations by Syntfarm Utilizes Satellite Imagery for Hypnotic Results

 - Jan 27, 2013
References: & triangulationblog
Formations by Syntfarm utilized satellite imagery to create a short film that toys with perception of cloud textures that mesmerizes its spectators.

This abstract piece was created by Syntfarm, a collaborative effort founded by Andreas Schlegel and Vladimir Todorovic that aims to explore synthetic forms and spaces. Formations was made using software code to create a visual landscape in which the viewer is invited to play the role of an astronaut.

The slow quality of movement allows spectators to submerge themselves in the the imagery that boasts an transparent, x-ray like quality. Formations by Syntfarm is forward-thinking in its novel kaleidoscopic aesthetic that challenges perception. Perhaps the most stimulating part of this project is the technical ability of the artists to create new worlds with code and technology.