The 'C-ANT' Forklift Rethinks the Design of Heavy Machinery

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: yankodesign
The design of traditional forklift vehicles leaves the operator open to potential danger, so the 'C-ANT' aims to change this with a more safety focused design.

The 'C-ANT' draws inspiration from ant insects, which is evident with the design of the circular main chamber that helps to ensure the driver is kept separate from the outside task. Designed by Jee Na Jun, the 'C-ANT' forklift vehicle reveals the door opening on the rear end to shift the location from the front for a better attention to safety.

Designers are paying closer attention to augmenting and redesigning the solutions around us now as a way to help build on the items that are needed most. This helps to make the most of existing technologies for a more cohesive, safer experience.