Alex Mcleod's Forgotten Legends Series is Hyperreal and Patterned

 - May 17, 2012
References: alxclub & fastcodesign
The Forgotten Legends series is a mesmerizing digital art project inspired by N.E. Thing Enterprises' Magic Eye books that were filled with autostereograms allowing people to see three-dimensional images in two-dimensional pictures. The work may seem strangely familiar to some since it was created by Toronto artist Alex McLeod, whose computerized landscapes made waves in the art world back in 2009.

Referencing everything from 19th century Romanticist landscape painting to video games and graphic novels, McLeod works with programs such as Cinema 4D, Sculptmaster and an iPad app called Forge. His current interest in exploring how pattern effects form led to the creation of the Forgotten Legends series. It will be shown this month at Montreal’s Three Points Gallery.