This Gypsy Wagon Has Been Turned Into a Whimsical Tiny Home

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: tinyhouseblog & huffingtonpost
This forest home is tucked away in a Canadian cedar forest. The home was originally a 160-foot gypsy wagon that was built in the mid-2000s, built primarily from recycled materials. The home at the time cost $100 from a wrecking yard. It is an organically structured home that has curved walls and arched ceilings.

It has everything you would expect in a modern home like a sleeping area, small kitchenette and a desk. It also has a 1970s picnic tabletop that serves as a one-of-a-kind round window at one end of the structure.

This tiny forest home would serve as the perfect retreat for anyone just looking to get away somewhere different and secluded. Current part-time owner Rachel Ross is using the home at the moment but you never know what kind of beauty you can find in an interesting area.