Read Email Out Loud, Sync Your MP3s+Phone+iPod

 - Jan 7, 2007
Who doesn't like wireless devices. Ford does, and so will their consumers. The new collaboration between ford and Microsoft has front-lined a new standard for staying connected on the road. The Sync program allows you to control almost all of your portable devices to a central computer via Bluetooth or A2DP / AVRCP and USB 2.0 (for media devices), within the car. Which is voice activated! Caller Id, call waiting, almost everything a cell phone can offer, Sync will notify you of. Make and receive calls as well as receiving Audible text messages, so you don't have to read anything, Sync reads it for! As well you can reply to these text messages with 20 predefined responses. Play music by simply telling Sync which track to search for. And if you thought that Microsoft would ignore the massive consumer consumption of the Ipod, you're wrong. Because yes...The Apple Ipod is compatible with the Sync, along with many other media devices. Coming to the market in Fall 2007 the Sync will debut on the 2008 models of the Ford Focus, Fusion, Five Hundred, Edge, Freestyle, Explorer and Sport Trac.