Fuut by Three Dot is a Miniature Flexible Feet Holder

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: connectdesign.co.kr & yankodesign
Sometimes introducing a bit of a relaxing touch to the home and office is better than indulging completely; enter the foot hammock. It is a miniature hammock made specifically for feet. Dubbed Fuut, it can be secured via hooks to the underside of table to allow people to raise their feet when they want or need. Springy and soft, the foot hammock will make working even easier.

Designed by Three Dot, a studio based in South Korea, the foot hammock is a fairly simple product. Made out of fabric and rope, the latter is adjustable to accommodate different table lengths as well as the height of individuals. It is also available in different colors including white and orange. It is easy to put together.