D-Torso's Cardboard Box Houses a Ham Within a Pig

 - May 16, 2011
References: d-torso.jp & wtv.co.jp
The D-Torso System 3D pig cardboard packaging keeps a ham safely protected and presents it as only a maple glazed should be – as itself. Designed by the innovative creatives at the Japan based Aki Co., this paper piggy will likely never hit the shelves of Whole Foods any time soon, but it would surely make for an extraordinary way to give the gift of pork. Once a meal is prepared using the packaged protein, the three-dimensional hog can be used as a centerpiece for the dinner table.

The D-Torso Packaging System also uses precise laser-cut pieces of cardboard to construct a paperboard penguin with a hidden inner cavity sized perfectly for a bottle of bubbly. By adding a big red ribbon around his neck, this would definitely be the most handsome wine packaging ever.