This Sweatshirt Lets People Know You're Full and Sleepy

This food coma sweater by From Phoenix With Love is the perfect outfit for the holidays. Most of us have experienced the highs and lows of holiday dining: the rush of euphoria you feel as you catch your first glimpse of the appetizers, followed by the gleeful gorging of each course and unabashed return for seconds (and thirds,) before the inevitable crash.

The "crash" is characterized by listlessness, drowsiness and a passive acceptance of your relatives and their nosy questions ("Isn't it about time for you to get a boyfriend? You're not getting any younger!")

Food coma's are pretty much guaranteed, so plan ahead by donning this graphic sweater. Complete with melting letters and vowels replaced by food items (a hamburger and a cupcake,) this sweater is as delicious as it is comfortable.