This Satirical Survival Kit Aims to Combat the feeling of 'FOMO'

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: fastcodesign
The 'FOMO' Survival Kit is a satirical set that makes a point about how to deal with a phenomenon that is common among younger generations.

Most Millennials are familiar with the term 'FOMO' as it refers to the "Fear of Missing Out," -- a feeling of envy that is especially common among those who frequent social media sites. The FOMO Survival Kit was designed to satirize the concept and emphasize the effect that social media can have on people's lives, how they view their peers and at times, even their self-esteem. The kit comes in a tin that holds a whistle, a compass and a flashlight that "guides you to the nearest event on your social media calendar."

This satirical FOMO survival kit works to point out the effects of social media on the Millennial generation in a way that ridicules it while still making an interesting point.