Foliage Air Conditioner Offers Sustainable Cooling

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: cargocollective & ecofriend
Though it may be a guilty habit, it's no secret that air conditioning units eat through the electricity, and negatively impact the environment. The Foliage Air Conditioner, however, offers a breezy green alternative.

Designer Rami Santala cleverly points out that the summer sun is often to blame for sweltering temperatures and one's consequent craving for cooler interiors, and a cutting-edge solution was conceived. This intelligent eco appliance uses a system of sensitive solar panels that harness energy to power the device.

The solar cells can be found on the modern-looking triangular "leaves" that form complex geometric structures escaping from the sleek white base. The shape of the tetrahedral fabric folds and turns to follow the path of the sun, so that even the conceptual-looking Foliage Air Conditioner shows roots in organic design.