SNAP Longboards is a Foldable Deck that Enables Easily Transport

 - Nov 23, 2012
References: snapskateboard & ohgizmo
The SNAP longboard is able to fold for easy and practical use just about anywhere you go.

The Longboard is a great tool for getting around town in a hurry, but storing it is usually much trickier. The difference between this board and the regular ones is that it comes equipped with two specialized hinges that are able to fold into half, which changes its size from 38 inches down to 19. This means that rather than having to awkwardly place it on the floor and risking it getting in the way of other passersby, the foldable option will allow you to store it easily in your backpack instead.

The boards are available either with or without the hardware and range from $140-190. Its easy and practical use will soon have many longboard enthusiast picking this option over the others.