Focal Upright Stations are Ergonomically Designed to Better the Body

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: focaluprightfurniture & fastcodesign
The list of physical ailments that can be attributed to sitting at a desk all day is long and lengthy, which is why workplaces all over are beckoning for a design like the Focal Upright Stations.

Created by Martin Keen, this workstation comes with desk and chair. The seat is small, has no backrest and instead pivots upon its post with your movements so that the body is in the middle of sitting and standing -- a more neutral position that does less damage to the body. The tilting downwards of the seat allows you to lean against the plywood desk. There is a floor piece that rises upwards to support your weight as well.

With fears of the consequences of 'Sitting-Disease' growing, the Focal Workstation is at the forefront of company workplace redesign, especially as society enters both a tech-heavy and increasingly health-conscious era.