These Edible Foam Designs are Rendered More Vivid Using Food Coloring

 - Apr 20, 2016
References: instagram & boredpanda
Mason Salisbury is a talented latte artist that is expanding the edible art form to incorporate colorful foam designs with vibrant bright stencils done using food dye. The use of color in the latte art adds a new dimension by turning the foam into miniature edible paintings.

Salisbury is based out of Las Vegas that opts for food coloring to create designs rather than espresso. The illustrations are rendered much more dimensional since the color palette expands beyond shades of cream, white and brown to incorporate vibrant hues such as red, blue, yellow and orange. The milk is pre-infused with the colors that is then added to white foam to create elegant drawings of leaves. The increased use of color forces the barista to work faster with the foam to create a temporal work of art.