This Home by FMD Architects Brings a Woody Feel to Your Home

Bringing a natural feel to your home is easy when you see ‘Jack’s House’ designed by ‘FMD Architects.’ Stepping away from the full wood feel of log cabins, this house by FMD accents each room with wood cupboards, shelving and floors. You get the natural feel of the forests without having to go outside.

The cross with the white walls and wood accents brings the cozy rural cottages and the modern urban design together. This is the perfect house for anyone who is living out in the suburbs of any major city. The patio outside of the living room is built with trellis design that will look beautiful when entwined with ivy or any other climbing plant. As you sit in the living room enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book, you will get lost in the sight of the natural plant tunnel that has grown over a few years.