Hyundai Unveiled a Flying Concept Car to Hover Over Traffic

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: foxnews & mashable
Auto-manufacturer Hyundai had a heck of a surprise at their annual Idea Festival: a functional flying concept car prototype.

We can probably use the term 'car' here rather loosely as the flying concept has more in common with a military drone quadrocopter than any cars that you'd see on the road today. The flying concept car was demonstrated with a crash test dummy in the driver's seat while a red-cape clad Hyundai employee took the controls with a remote control.

The chances of regular consumers getting a chance to take a figurative spin in the flying concept car are rather low at the moment, but considering how long we've been promised by Sci-Fi movies and books that the flying car is coming, we're officially one step closer to the dream.