Fluidic by WhiteVOID is a Mesmerizing Hybrid Artwork

 - May 3, 2013
References: whitevoid & fastcodesign
If the disco ball was ever revamped for the future, it would probably look something like Fluidic by WhiteVOID, a creative studio based in Berlin, Germany. It is an installation that is many things at once: dynamic sculpture, projection mapping and light art, to name a few. A stunning sight to behold, it is a cloud of ping-pong-ball-sized spheres that hover above a pool of water.

As soon as one approached Fluidic by WhiteVOID, it comes to life. Blue lasers begin to dance on the countless surfaces of the spheres. Bridging the digital and physical worlds, Fluidic by WhiteVOID is currently on display at the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan, Italy. It offers a perfect view from every angle.