The Flower Painting Series by Lara Cobden is Naturally Exquisite

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: laracobden & faithistorment
Picking out single blooms for her flower painting series, artist Lara Cobden creates stunning portraits of blossoming buds in quaintly arranged scenarios.

The artist incorporates patterns and thoughtfully arranged displays for her selection of flowers, organizing them perfectly as though each one is a precious gem that beholds all the glamour and beauty of couture jewelry. Her painted flowers are so hyper-real and intricate that they appear to be placed on top of the canvas rather than painted on. Delicate petals and wispy leaves fill the pages with designs that would look stunning as patterns on runway dresses or as couture wallpaper.

Lara Cobden's flower painting series is minimalist in execution, and is aesthetically pleasing to anyone with an appreciation for the beauty found in nature.