The Flower House Embodies an Interior of Escher-Esque Overlaps

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: & dezeen
Germaphobes be warned: the Flower House contains a very unusual feature, merging two somewhat opposing domestic elements that generally do not overlap. Take a gander into the kitchen and you will discover that the countertop extends directly into the mezzanine floor of the dining room area.

Yes, the same continuous concrete surfaces that contain the culinary cabinetry have been molded into a short flight of stairs and a traversable interior plane. This means that the same polished material on which you prepare your food is the same area on which you walk.

Rather than presenting an off-putting arrangement, however, Ezzo's design is really quite compelling. The Flower House is a clever study of how to establish a collection of dynamic spaces within interconnected but multi-level sections of a renovated home.