These Massive Flowers Open When Pedestrians Stand Beneath Them

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: dorkedmi & contemporist
The design team at HQ Architects created these massive flower canopies at Vallero Square in Jerusalem. There are two locations, which contain two sets of the flowers each. At first sight, the floral canopies look droopy and sad, but when a pedestrian stands beneath the wilted petals, the flower regains life.

The petals are designed to open like an umbrella to shelter pedestrians from harsh sun or chilled rain. Using a motion detector, the flower canopies are designed to open when they detect a pedestrian is near. The petals will open to reach a span of nine meters. Each corolla also contains bright lights, which are ideal for evenings and nights.

Using black as the stem and corolla paired with bright red petals, the flowers vividly resemble large poppies.