Flow Theory by Tatiana Plakhova is Magical

 - Oct 16, 2011
References: complexitygraphics & behance.net
Flow Theory by Tatiana Plakhova explores the universe with digital art. With the vast expanse of space being anything but ordinary, Plakhova has a wealth of inspiration for creating stunning images.

Flow Theory by Tatiana Plakhova manages to transport viewers into the stratosphere in a surreal manner. The artwork is colorful, and explores the various facets of space in a creative way. This impressive series proves that science never fails to mesmerize and amaze. Plakhova manages to weave the logic of science with the creative mind through this impressive series.

The computer animations beautifully display mandalas, DNA strands, fractal shells and the whole cosmos in a chaotic state. Who knew that outer space could be so gorgeous and inspiring?