Twisted Art from Robert Gligorov

 - Jan 10, 2009
References: & urlesque
Shocking photography is artist Robert Gligorov’s specialty. He was born in 1959 in Kriva Palanca, Macedonia and now resides in Milan, Italy. Although Gligorov's work is unexpected, there is a comical aspect to his work that made me burst out in laughter when I saw the images in the gallery above.

The man diving into a splash of water in the floor boards is just amazing. The man dipping his head in a fish tank, on the other hand, is freakishly bizarre. And the budgie as a bull's eye target is just so cruel it hurts my guts.

The artist’s aim is to ignite the imagination of the viewer, thereby awakening us from a state of slumber. Gligorov wishes to visually confront us and is competing with the sophisticated visual communication of the media world to shock and stun his audience. I think you can safely say that he does that convincingly.