Sky Clutter Advertisements That Have No Visible Means of Support

 - Mar 11, 2009   Updated: Aug 30 2011
References: siberart
Thank goodness my town has a sign ordinance restricting the height of signs. The very, very tall signs are called “floaters” by the sign makers and appear next to interstate highways. But imagine if signs were allowed to float without no visible means of support from the ground. Are they still signs?

Matt Siber asks this question in his portfolio of photoshopped signs, some of which can be seen in the gallery.

Implications - A wise business move that companies would benefit from is taking a widely used and familiar product and altering its appearance to distinguish it from past models. Appealing to audiences by demonstrating both the familiar aspects of a well-known product as well as the new features is a great way for businesses to expand their target demographic.