The Float Thermos Keeps Your Coffee Just Right and Makes Serving Spill-Free

 - Jan 29, 2013
The annoying feature that many insulated coffee mugs share is their tendency to leak. The lovely Float Thermos does not have this problem, mainly because it does not have the same sort of lid.

Instead, the smooth and sculptural drink insulator has a cap that fits on tightly, but the liquid is only permitted to enter it through a single tiny tube. Instead of pouring a serving of your beverage out of the container, you dispense it with the press of a button. Simply put your teacup below the chin-like protrusion of the anthropomorphic capsule and press a black circular button on top to draw the liquid out. Eric Pautz's Float Thermos offers a more reliable way to tote your tea and a mess-free means of pouring it.