Flo2 Air Purifier by Designer Olivia Bradateanu

 - Nov 16, 2009   Updated: Jun 24 2011
References: coroflot & ecofriend.org
Olivia Bradateanu, an industrial designer from Montclair, NJ, has created a concept air purifier design she calls the 'FLO2.' The air purifier uses photosynthesis, a natural process that plants use to convert water, and carbon dioxide to oxygen and sugar using light.

The leaf-shaped air purifier is small and movable. Its curved shape and inviting lines are evidence that it is designed to be touched.

Implications - Many people are interested in buying items that can both save them money and save the environment. Businesses that "think green" are appealing to consumers who want to be eco-friendly and do their part in saving the planet. It is up to businesses to create unique eco items so that consumers will be able to feel like they are making a purchase for more than one reason.