The Flitter Fairies Will Make You Believe in Magic

 - Nov 5, 2011
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Every little princess needs to have magical fairytale friends at her side when embarking on new adventures and flights of fancy, so who’d be better to accompany you on these escapades than some Flitter Fairies? The fabled figurines take to the air right out of the pages of their own storybook, and seem to fly and flutter all around as if they actually breathed air. 

Rather than using pixie dust, Flitter Fairies require an enchanted hair clip and a special wand to be able to fly. A little faith in their powers doesn’t hurt either. The hair clip comes with a nearly invisible thread that connects the believer to her fairy. The wand is used to keep a small distance between you and your fairy, as not to break the illusion of the fairy soaring around you. Flitter Fairies are the perfect toy for any little girl with princess-envy, and will make a believer out of you too.