Flipd is an App for When You Want to Disconnect from the World

 - May 25, 2015
References: betakit
Flipd is a new digital detox app that aims to help you curb your mobile phone addiction. Boasting a clever #FlipOff hashtag and the ability to free you from the constraints of time-consuming digital distractions, Flipd is currently available in the Google Play store and is something along the lines of the PC software Self-Control, which limits time spent on certain websites to help you meet deadlines.

Created by a Toronto-based team of Ryerson alumnus, Flipd is a unique, user-friendly approach to forcing yourself to make more face-to-face time, something that is particularly difficult thanks to our mobile habits.

The Flipd app boasts a handful of features such as auto-response text, smart lock screen, an emergency contact list and the ability to switch your phone "off," saving all notifications until you are ready to open yourself back up to those distractions.