The FLEXiT Light Bends and Twists to Provide Light in Tight Spots

 - Dec 30, 2011
References: striker1 & gizmag
The FLEXiT Light is officially on my list of must-have items for my toolkit. The FLEXiT Light is a bendable illuminator designed to provide light at any angle in a pinch. FLEXiT has 16 LED bulbs that can put out a total of 128 lumens.

The FLEXiT Light is designed to provide light in even the tightest of places. FLEXiT has a weighted magnetic base that allows the light to stand on its own two feet or affix to metal objects such as pipes or car engines. FLEXiT runs off of three AA batteries and has an impressive lifespan of 70 hours if used on its "low power" setting. A bendable light that can contort itself is a rarity to say the least. FLEXiT sells for $29 and is available now.