The Graphic Design of Alicia Meseguer Toys with Artful Deterioration

 - Dec 28, 2012
References: aliciameseguer & itsnicethat
Graphic Designer Alicia Meseguer gives life to visual pieces that are subtly provocative.

Meseguer, a graduate of the Orihuela art school, plays with fragmentation to create compelling collages. The female form is interpreted with sheer minimalism and artful placement so as to provoke thought and interest. Each shape portrays a simplified vision that connects Alicia Mesenguer's love for design with her exploration of art.

In essence, these collages are a culmination of the designer's ability to emote with restrained passion. The sensual imagery is not in-your-face or vulgar. Rather, it implies beauty and leaves vast room for interpretation on the themes of carnal desire, fragmentation and femininity. Alicia Meseguer sculpts captivating work that dons a sense of natural serenity amid chaos.