The 'Flax Chair' is Built Entirely from the Linen-like Material

 - Nov 3, 2016
References: christienmeindertsma & fastcodesign
Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma's 'Flax Chair' makes use of the hearty seeds to create a stylish, sturdy, and sustainable seat.

Most people probably think of flax as a grain for sprinkling on cereal and salads to add some omega 3, and those who've done some research might also know that flax fibers are used to create authentic linen. Meindertsma realized that flax could be used for even more, turning it into a construction material for her Flax Chair.

To create the Flax Chair, Meindertsma relied on the same process of transforming flax into linen. But she didn't stop there -- to make the chair rigid, Meindertsma added biodegradable plastic made from lactic acid. The end result is a completely biodegradable construction material that is more sustainable to produce compared to something like solid wood.