Masala Pop's Flavored Popcorn Snacks Take Cues from Global Cuisine

Masala Pop is the name of a Portland, Oregon-based business that takes care to create Indian-inspired flavored popcorn snacks for American audiences. Some of the intriguing snack flavors of the 'Indian Spiced Popcorn' offered by Masala Pop include Tamarind Sesame, Chai Masala and Savory Masala.

Neha Patel, founder of Masala Pop, attributes the idea for her company to her mother, who spiced popcorn in the tradition of food cart vendors in India.

Masala Pop was one of many vendors at this year's Winter Fancy Food Show to showcase globally inspired food products. This desire for Indian-inspired food products in particular is reflective of an increasingly diverse population across North America, as well as a return to simple, holistic health systems like Ayurveda, which use herbs and spices for whole-body healing.