These Flavored Cookies Pair Honey with Chili and Wasabi

Honey is an ingredient that's often found in flavored cookies, but Engel Cookies is set on reintroducing it in a variety of sweet and spicy combinations.

Honey & Wasabi and Honey & Chili are two flavored cookie types from Engel Cookies that are described as crisp cookies with chewy centers that leave a lingering spicy taste behind. By combining tastes from the east and west, the brand hopes to appeal to new markets where honey cookies are traditionally sold.

This preference for sweet and spicy flavors can also be seen in a number of new sauces, glazes, snacks and beverages on the market. Many people are beginning to enjoy the spice that comes with a number of ethnic dishes. When sweetness is added to spice, the heat is better regulated and can be appreciated without overwhelming the taste buds.