Flat Tower Complements the Urban Landscape by Covering it

With such a rapidly rising global population, many architectural solutions have sought space building up towards the sky, but the Flat Tower offers a much more appealing alternative to man and nature alike.

Holding second place in the 2011 Skyscraper Competition, this unique Flat Tower project is essentially a giant perforated dome. The inhabitable interior space is all within the shell that covers parks and agricultural land, having the two realms coexist in a way that most cities can't accommodate.

The innovative design is the work of Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans, Xavier Schirr-Bonnans and Yoann Mescam, planned for Rennes, France to incorporate residences as well as offices within a layered network of occupiable organic cells. The Flat Tower megastructure can be built to a variety of scales, hosting domestic and commercial activities within a skin that pulls sunlight throughout and maintains an efficient form for rainwater collection and solar harvesting.