Flashlight by Joseph Guerra is Cheaply Made and Easily Stored

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: josephguerra
The shape of batteries and the rounded form of a clasped hand might have dictated the cylindrical look of the common electric torch, but the composition of the Flashlight by Joseph Guerra is no less efficient. The handheld illuminating device is a rectangular prism, ergonomically enhanced with a handgrip and a knuckle indentation.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the gadget is made of cork. The springy material is CNC-cut for a rational and efficient method of manufacturing. Its outer contours are quite simple to sculpt and its inner cavities need only accommodate a few fuel cells, a couple of wires and a conical gap for the installation of the lightbulb. Flashlight by Joseph Guerra is consequently cheap to produce, easy to maintain and practical to store.