This Five Second Rule Infographic Questions the Iconic Food Rule

 - Jul 4, 2013
References: attwooddigital &
Have you ever dropped a piece of delicious food on the floor and used the five second rule to scientifically decipher whether or not that morsel of food is still edible? Well thanks to UK digital marketing firm AttwoodDigital, you can use this handy infographic to comically see whether that dropped food should really be going back into your mouth.

Designed like a giant flowchart magazine quiz, the chart invites the reader into a visual quiz by asking, 'You dropped something on the floor... Are you Weird Al Yankovic?' whereupon the reader selects yes or no. As the quiz continues to ask hilarious questions such as 'Did anyone see you?,' you really begin to wonder if you should be contemplating eating something that fell on the dirty floor.