This Urban Farm Uses Fish Waste to Fertilize Plants

'The Growing Experience' is an innovative urban farm that uses fish waste to fertilize crops. In light of California's ongoing drought, many farmers are looking for new ways to conserve water. This closed-loop system serves as one way of reducing the amount of water needed for agriculture.

The Growing Experience is a sustainable urban farm that is using aquaponics to grow local produce. Unlike traditional outdoor farming, this system involves using fish waste to fertilize crops housed inside a contained greenhouse. The plants are not rooted in soil, but rather a sponge-like material that allows them to soak up nutrients and moisture. The water that is not used is then cleaned and sent back to the fish tanks, thus creating a closed loop system. As a result, The Growing Experience uses far less water than traditional farming because no moisture is lost to evaporation.

This sustainable system allows The Growing Experience to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to locals and low-income residents in the areas and support a community-oriented agriculture program.