The 'Firstcall Chair' Offers Comfort and Privacy in a Cute Curvy Design

'Firstcall' is a cute and eye-popping chair developed by Dutch designer Ruud Van de Wier for EASY Noise Control, a company specializing in sound insulation and acoustics solutions.

The chair is shaped like a phone -- a good old-fashioned telephone that is not a sleek smartphone. The seating surface is flat, while the backrest is set at a slight incline. What gives the chair its phone-like shape however, is the half-donut shape of the chair's support.

When sitting in the chair, surrounding noise is muted, allowing the user to enjoy a quiet space in which to relax, make phone calls or work without being distracted by the hustle and bustle of the surrounding environment.

Firstcall is offered in 32 different colors and can even be ordered in two-color configurations.

Photo Credits: designboom,